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Are you famous for sleeping with celebrities? Have you posed nude on the internet? Would you give a D-grade celebrity a hand job for a chance to get into the Playboy mansion?


Well then you probably are not one of the most amazing women on the web! Introducing the Rag Mag Rejects.

Click above to get to know each Reject personally!

Carlotta Champagne

Weight: 128 (claims a weight of 116)

Height: 5'4.4 (claims 5'6)

Stats: 34D-25-38 (Claims 32DD-24-35)

Goals: To be the most photographed nude model on the web and to make a very lucrative celebrity sex tape.

Achievements: Being printed on naughty birthday cards and being on Good Morning America for soliciting adult content to minors.
(Also published in Playboy magazine, Special Editions and online, Decibel Magazine, Strip Las Vegas Magazine, Maxim, G4TV, The Girls Next Door tv show, My Favorite Model book cover, and more!)

Likes: Giving makeovers to the less fortunate

Dislikes: Circumcised men

Stephy C

Weight: 105 pounds (claims a weight of 130)

Height: 5'2 (claims 4'11 because it makes her seem thicker)

Stats: 32-24-35 (Claims 36-23-42)

Goals: Learn how to make the "ass clap"

Achievements: Has slept with the 3rd string of the Cleveland Browns and Flava Flav's assistant.
(Also published in; Playboy Magazine, special editions and online, Show Magazine (cover model), 4PM Magazine, Blackmen Magazine, Straight Stuntin', music videos and more)

Likes: Black men, the Chicago Bears, black men (may also like Hispanic men if drunk)

Dislikes: Bananas

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Weight: 118 (claims a weight of 110)

Height: 5'8 (claims 5'9)

Stats: 36-26-35

Goals: Making the most amount of money for the least amount of work.

Achievements: Getting a loser fan to buy her boyfriend a computer.
(As seen in Playboy online, Penthouse Magazine, Hustler Magazine, Easy Rider Magazine, several romance novel covers and more)

Likes: Sleep, sex

Dislikes: Work, effort

Titania Lyn

Weight: 145 (claims a weight of 120)

Height: 5'6 (claims the same)

Stats: 39-29-39 (claims 45-28-38)

Goals: Why would someone have goals when they've already achieved this much?!

Achievements: Being cast on Hoarders, having the biggest bush in the modeling industry, and getting a car for half of a blow job and 3 racy texts.
(As seen in Playboy magazine, special editions (cover model) and online, Leg Show Magazine, 4PM Magazine, commercials, music videos and much more)

Likes: Shoes, men in uniform

Dislikes: beets and SaraLiz for attempting (and failing!) at growing a bigger bush than me.

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Victoria Vertuga

Weight: 105 (claims a weight of 100)

Height: 5'3 (claims 5'7)

Stats: 32D-25-35

Achievements: Being cast as the actress who always runs up stairs before getting killed off, being recognized from a horror movie at Enterprise Rental Car and being chosen as one of the select few to audition for the role of Tom Cruise's next girlfriend.
(As seen in; Maxim, Retro Lovely, Community Magazine, Snapmatter Magazine, Mantality Magazine, Spectrum 18: Best in Digital Art, Lingerie model for Honey Dew, Glamorose.com and in commercials for the Gap and Valley View Casino)

Goals: To be in every frequently aired national commercial for the next 10 years. To have a role that coins a famous pop culture phrase like Cuba Gooding Junior had with "Show Me The Money" in Jerry Maguire.

Likes: Dogs (especially pitbulls), Mexican & Italian food, reading, traveling, looking up actors that "made it big" after the age of 25

Dislikes: feet, traffic

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